sâmbătă, aprilie 30, 2005

Latest update on romanian stock market

The romanian stock market had stabilized in the last month. After a 40% gain durring January and February my portofolio had an almost 25% drop in March. Durring this bearish market I start buying more stocks and increased my initial investment value to almost 6000 EUR and the current value of my portofolio is 11.000 EUR which means 83% gain over a 2 year period. Not bad for a rookie.
For the next 3 to 6 months I plan to wait and see how the market is doing and invest al least 1000 EUR. I will follow this two stocks:
BRD - Second largest bank in Romania, it has an PER of 14
RRC - Oil refinery. It refines Ural oil which is 4,4 USD/baril cheaper and it has an PER of 6,6.
To do for the next 3 month:
- invest 500 EUR in RRC bellow 900 ROL / stock => 20.000 stocks
- invest 500 EUR in BRD bellow 45000 ROL / stoc => 400 stocks

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