duminică, ianuarie 23, 2005

My first post

As you probably know already from my profile, I'm a 27 years old from Romania.
I work as a SAP consultant and already got my certification in Procurement. I currently work on an IS-U project as a Billing Consultant; the project is for our local gas distributor. If you have problems with SAP I can help you. Just leave me a note...

That's all with my work for now, so let me share my interests and goals. My goal is to be a millionaire by the age of 40 and travel in as many places as I can.
What I already done:
1) I start learning about money! You should start too.
2) I start investing in stocks since 13 Aug 2002. I have an almost 400% return by now. Romanian stock market rose almost 120% in 2004. Although I have this outstanding ROI I'm angry with me because I wasn't invested all my money because of "tomorrow" word.
3) I start inspecting the REI market. It also rose almose 100% in 2 years (since end of 2002). But now I think the houses are too expensive and the rent is too cheap, so this combination doesn't bring any positive cash flow.

So, that's all for now. I promise I'll write a note every week.

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