joi, martie 10, 2005

Guerrilla Marketing and Marketing Tips

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Bearish Romanian Stock Market

Yesterday the Romanian stock exchange market seems to get stabilized. After major corrections during last week, the SIFs has been stop from transactioning because they are translated into a new software. So my loss had stop for the moment. The SIFs has lost 15% in the last 2 weeks. Nobody could explain why. I think that the upcoming new tax on capital revenue could be an explanation. Also the fact that the SIFs almost doubled since 1st of January 2005. Anyway I brought more SIFs. I expect that they will recover until 15th of April.

To see how the Romanian Stock Exchange is doing, visit

Guerilla Marketing

Here is an interesting article about Guerilla Marketing on

joi, martie 03, 2005

My First Business

In the last couple of weeks I have thought about building my own business. I
decided that my first business will be an online business. Now all I have is
an ideea and a draft business plan:
- build a site like
- marketing the site
- attract 1000 members by end of the year.
- sold the site when it reaches 1000 visitors/day.

For this business I need around 1000 USD:
- Site : 350 USD
- Advertising: 350 USD
- Hosting: 100 USD/year
- Site domain: 61 USD
- Further site development : 140 USD.

In a few days I will write a solid business plan to help me manage this
business. I will post it here when I will finish it. So stay tune...

marți, martie 01, 2005

Nice things that I've read lately

For the last couple of weeks I've been to lazy to publish at least one post in this blog. But I have read a ton of blogs on diffrent topics. I discovered there's only a few blogs on SAP topics so I decided to make my own SAP blog.

This is some blogs I really enjoy:

Dan Sherman's Biz Ideas

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Savvy Saver

I hope soon I will make a column with all blogs that I read.

If you're a SAP consultant please contact me at because I'm egger to meet other SAP guys.

That's all for today.

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